Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I’m sure you’ve got a question, right? It will most likely be answered somewhere below…

What if I am a newbie?

We rent our Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUP) only to customers who have previous experience paddling on a SUP in the ocean. If you are a beginner or this is your first time paddling on the ocean, we can offer you a professional lesson—which includes important technique and safety information to make your paddle much more enjoyable. Plus, a lesson is not much more of an investment than a regular rental rate.

We love taking beginners out to Los Arcos! If you're new to paddling out in the ocean, whether in a kayak or in a stand up paddle board, please arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled tour departure for an introductory lesson to get your feet wet.

If stand up paddle boarding isn’t for you, you may have a more enjoyable experience on a kayak, on a hybrid SUP/kayak board, or on our large family party board. Otherwise, if you know like to paddle out on a stand up paddle board and you're a beginner, please come in early or a day beforehand for some time to practice during your complimentary paddle boarding lesson.

What if I don’t swim well?

We've taken many people out paddling to Los Arcos who don't know how to swim. We will provide lifejackets, professional care, and lots of moral support.

How long does it take to get to Mismaloya?

Detailed directions to Connect are found at

What is your cancellation policy?

Can I change my booking?

How long does the tour to Los Arcos last?

Most of our tours last for three hours and complete a total paddle distance of about two and a half to three nautical miles.

What kind of shape to I have to be in to participate?

No previous paddle experience is required, but some physical fitness is. We love to help our clients explore their edges and embody their inner adventurer—and we also always prioritize your safety. We ask that you not be pregnant, have any medical history of any cardiac, neurological, or psychological problems in order to participate. You must also not be under the influence of any drugs, narcotics, or alcoholic beverages in order to participate.

When are you open?

Our shop is usually open Tuesday through Sunday from 9am-6pm, unless we are closed for a special event or holiday.

What time are your tours offered?

We offer three primary tours to Los Arcos, our SUNRISE SESSION, DAYTIME ECO-ADVENTURE, and SUNSET SESSION.


We paddle out Tuesday through Sunday mornings to Los Arcos.
The start time for this tour varies depending on the season.
Please check below for the time of year you are joining us for the time you'll be expected at our shop.

From November through February, we paddle out at 6:30am.
During March and early April, at 6:00am.
After Daylight Savings begins in April, we paddle out at 7am.
May, start time is at 7:00am.
June through August, we are back to 6:30am.
Until Daylight Savings time ends in September, it's 7:00am.
In October, it's at 6:00am.


We paddle out Tuesday through Sunday to Los Arcos at 9:00am, 12pm, and 3pm.

Please arrive 30 minutes before the time of your scheduled tour for registration, your orientation, and a lesson.


We paddle out Wednesday through Sunday evenings to Los Arcos.
The start time for this tour also varies depending on the season.

From November through January, we paddle out at 5:30pm.
During February and March, at 6:00pm.
In April, paddle out is at 6:30.
May through September, it is at 7:00pm.
And in October, we are back to 6:30pm.

Please arrive 45 minutes before the time of your Sunset Session for registration, your orientation, and a lesson.