Summer weather has arrived... A note on the climate in Puerto Vallarta

In Puerto Vallarta, we have a wet-dry tropical climate.

Half of the year, we have a wet rainy season and half of the year, it's dry. 

Between the months of December and May we experience the dry half of our "wet-dry" climate—six months of consistent sunny skies. And between June and November, the rains can come almost daily.

Sunset Tour to Los Arcos Puerto Vallarta


The sun can get pretty strong in late Spring, around April and May, so we'd recommend staying out of the sun during the peak hours of the day during those months and coming on a tour either earlier or later on in the day. This is the perfect time of the year for our famous Sunset Session tour to Los Arcos


Snorkel Tour to Los Arcos Puerto Vallarta


We love the live giving rains of summer! The mountains and islands of Los Arcos turn a lush verdant green. And the tropical storms that grace our skies during these months—those really a sight to behold!

But with this summer weather comes a tendency for unreliable climate, particularly in the late afternoon and evening. If your visit is during the summer, we'd recommend booking an early A.M. Sunrise Session or our first morning Snorkel Adventure

If you really can't live without a Sunset Session, please refer to our policies on climate and weather issues just in case the weather decides to go south. 


See you on a paddle soon!

 ...the Paddle Zone Team